Spotlight On – FAB_MALTA

I’m using this post today to introduce a new ‘shopping platform’ – FAB_MALTA. FAB_MALTA ‘s purpose in life is to represent a variety of international brands in Malta. They currently have 2 online channels – Instagram and Facebook, through these platforms it is possible to see what’s in stock and place your order by sending […]

Bvlgari Summer Night Event

It used to be the case that during July and August no event invitations popped into my mailbox, my wardrobe consisted of swimwear and various pairs of shorts. Not in 2018. The events have continued and for the most part, I’m delighted. I attended the Bvlgari event last week in Malta and it really was […]

Wear what you Want or What Suits You ?

I’ve recently found myself stuck in a conundrum. As a blogger who preaches about individuality and not giving a **** about what people think, the mantra ‘wear what you want’ is like a chant bouncing away akin to a pink fluffy ball in my head. As a stylist over-obsessed with understanding body shapes and the way a piece of clothing / […]