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fab_malta caroline paris

I’m using this post today to introduce a new ‘shopping platform’ – FAB_MALTA. FAB_MALTA ‘s purpose in life is to represent a variety of international brands in Malta. They currently have 2 online channels – Instagram and Facebook, through these platforms it is possible to see what’s in stock and place your order by sending a message – within 24 hrs the items arrive at your house in gorgeous, recyclable packaging. Cool right? All the brands sold through FAB_MALTA are not sold anywhere else on the island which makes your purchase that little bit unique.

There are currently 3 brands:
– Laagam (Which is the brand I’m wearing. The classic shirt idea worked into a unique style. Signature tailored pieces that fit incredibly well)

– Mus&Bombon (Very clean collections made up of timeless basics)

– P d Paola (gorgeous, gorgeous jewellery)

The company is also pushing to create a community for fashion-interested humans through the use of meetups, pop up shops and upcoming workshops, showroom events and so on.

fab_malta caroline paris

fab_malta caroline paris

fab_malta caroline paris

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