An Afternoon at The Lido


When it comes to spending a day at the beach, Malta may seem like the land of opportunities, however, it’s not actually always that simple, especially when more than two people are involved in that decision process.

One of my favourite Lidos, that I’ve been frequenting for many years – The Corinthia Lido at St George’s Bay – is a favourite because it is a bit unique in terms of what it offers.

I compiled a list of what I feel are the things that draw me to the place

  1. Large Adult and Children’s Pool
  2. Medium Sized Adult Only Pool
  3. Sea Lido
  4. Water Sports
  5. Car Park
  6. Multiple Restaurants
  7. Open till 9pm in August

Last week I spent an amazing afternoon with my mummy, we spent over an hour swimming in the sea alone, followed by a dip in the pool during golden hour and after.

We went for dinner at Vinotheque Bistro, I had a super delicious tomahawk steak grilled on the bbq followed by homemade truffles. There was also live music, this is something I always search for when eating out with my mother as she loves it.

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