Wear what you Want or What Suits You ?

I’ve recently found myself stuck in a conundrum. As a blogger who preaches about individuality and not giving a **** about what people think, the mantra ‘wear what you want’ is like a chant bouncing away akin to a pink fluffy ball in my head. As a stylist over-obsessed with understanding body shapes and the way a piece of clothing / different cut or pattern drapes over our shapes …the other pink fluffy chant is ‘wear what suits you’. The conundrum continues with the pink balls often finding themselves in a tug of war resulting in pink fluff everywhere…almost like a cotton candy brain situation.

So which will it be?
Wearing what you want, is for me a way of saying don’t be scared to wear a hat..to wear trainers with a dress, to wear bell bottoms ..basically, don’t worry about what people may think.
Wearing what flatters you is not about following rules and feeling restricted, it is about understanding how clothes will work with your body shape. Then you can make an informed decision. For instance, a larger busted woman might not want to wear something that makes her boobs larger..she needs to understand which neckline would achieve this right?
I dislike my bum..no amount of Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner will make me fall in love with my thighs and hips..and even when I was a daily squatting gym bunny..as toned as my backside was, large, round and ample were all still attributed you’d want to use. So my aim is to understand all the ticks in the book to cheat and wear outfits that can result in this bum and hip area looking smaller. Knowing these tricks does not make me feel more insecure..on the contrary, it makes me feel more confident and glamorous.
So I’ve decided that rather than approaching it by saying if you have this shape wear this or that..my new and updated forthcoming body shape series will focus on goals – achieving a Larger or Smaller Bum through Clothes for instance..it’s then totally up to the reader to decide what to do with this info.
Until next time

Outfit Details

Hair: Penelope Tabone

Makeup: Elaine Galea

Clothes: Pedro del Hierro


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