The Puffa Jacket

Winter Essential Jacket

Caroline Paris The Puffa Jacket

I’ve said this many times before but I’m happy to repeat myself. Basically, if there is one item that I consider an absolute must for the Winter season, it is most definitely the puffa jacket. It’s an absolute lifesaver for those cold, rainy, winter days. If it has a hood – even better.

The Puffa Jacket

This Pedro del Hierro jacket raises the bar pretty high, the colour is a very interesting shade of blue that allows it to work well when combined with many other colours including black. I’m also quite in love with the fur trimming, I always feel this adds chic points to the outfit. Many people are scared to wear this style of jacket because they feel it can make them look bulkier. I can’t sit here and lie, it is a bulky jacket and wearing something bulky of course adds bulk to your body, this one has a belt and that helps a lot because the fact that your waist cinches in will ensure that the feminine silhouette remains unharmed and that makes a huge difference.

Can Blue and Black be Worn Together?

This is a question I am asked quite frequently and my answer is always yes, of course, there are many shades of blue and there are also varying degrees of black so the final judgement from your naked eye remains important. However, for the most part, the idea that blue and black don’t work well together is a myth that has been well and truly busted. Darker shades of blue, what many refer to as navy works particularly well with black. It will also depend on whether you throw any other colours into the mix. I like colours, I like combining many different colours in one outfit but for when it comes to blue and black (although I have a few here in this outfit) I’m fond of keeping it simple and working with just those 2 colours especially if it is an evening outfit.

Caroline Paris The Puffa Jacket Caroline Paris The Puffa Jacket

The Bag

With such a look as this, you could probably combine any style of bag but I thought this rainbow, glitter-infused Furla bag was too cute. I really enjoy wearing bags that make me smile, I like to think that this simle is infectuous and my bag will brighten up other people’s days too – who knows, maybe it does?:)

Caroline Paris The Puffa Jacket

Vinyl Trousers

Vinyl popped back onto the scene last Winter, I remember February time at Milan Fashino Week and probably a 1/3 of all outfits had something vinyl worked into them. I’m quite a fan, I own a few different pieces, I love the glossy finish, the high shine and the interesting way in which you can combine them. Having said that, I’m generally not too much of a fan of working vinyl into an outfit that is quite sexy, I prefer for instance to wear vinyl trousers with a chunky knit, or a vinyl dress with chunky boots. The look is a lot more fashion-forward and a lot less focused on the sex appeal, dominatrix vibe that vinyl used to have.

Caroline Paris The Puffa Jacket Caroline Paris The Puffa Jacket

Outfit Details

Jacket and Sweater : Pedro del Hierro

Trouers : Calzedonia

Bag : Furla


Makeup : Revlon Lipstick, Catrice Eyeshadow, Kat Von D eyeliner


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