A Morning at Abraham’s

& lunch at Vini e Capricci

Abraham's Vini e Capricci

Abraham's Vini e Capricci

Last Saturday I hopped onto the Gozo ferry to check out the recently renovated Abraham’s Vini e Capricci in Gozo by Abraham Said. The makeover is amazing, the place was always beautiful and full of gorgeous produce but now it’s incredible. Vini e Capricci is located within the Gozitano Agricultural Village. 

The Shop – The Perfect Retail Experience

First of all the place is huge and there is

  • An enormous room full of gorgeous sweets, fresh tea leaves (that you can actually buy by weight) Christmas delicacies, hampers and wines and spirits.
  • A whiskey room which you can hire out for private parties and have a coffee whilst you shop
  • A wine cellar which you can also eat in
  • A butcher area with some incredible cuts of meat including aged specialities
  • An incredible bistro which offers three pages of wine by the glass selection and where you can also ask to eat a specific cut of meat from the butcher

Image scenario 1 – start by shopping for Christmas presents and ingredients for your Christmas parties, whilst there you sit down for a coffee and a croissant and some artisan chocolates. As you continue shopping you decide to stop for lunch and a glass of wine – you pay for your shopping on the way out – a perfect day.

Scenario 2 – spend the afternoon shopping and stop for wine and nibbles in the cellar along with some gorgeous chocolate or fresh cannoli.

Abraham's Vini e Capricci

Abraham's Vini e Capricci

Ogygia is an in-house brand that was created by Abraham’s and is entirely made from Gozitan local produce.

Abraham's Vini e Capricci

Abraham's Vini e Capricci

The Whiskey Room

This room is incredible, it was daytime so I took coffee but I can imagine a really good night out with a group of friends here.

There’s also a huge selection of whiskeys – some of them quite hard to find on this island usually.

The Fresh Produce

Meat, fish, cold cuts, aged meat, cheese – all can be found here.

Abraham's Vini e Capricci The Wine Cellar


Abraham's Vini e Capricci

The Restaurant

Abraham's Vini e Capricci

Fresh ravjul and gorgeous cuts of meat, full of flavour. The wine by the glass selection is also truly impressive and I opted for a glass of Ceneterola.

Abraham's Vini e Capricci

We also ordered a truffle burger which is truly as delicious as the name implies. Portions are large and the flavours are truly amazing. The service is attentive but not intrusive and the staff is fully informed about what’s on the menu. I truly had an amazing day out.

If you don’t live in Gozo, I think you should plan a trip there asap but in the meantime, there’s also an online shop you can look at, I’m currently finishing off my order.


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