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Valletta malta wearing a cape

Is it Autumn, is it Winter? Hard to tell in this climate. I attended a dinner party this week, each person I spoke to greeted me with these exact words – “Wow how cold it is tonight” accompanied by a raised intonation of surprise towards the end of the sentence. As though it isn’t December and almost Christmas, as though we shouldn’t be wearing coats, scarves and all that Jazz. We must be living in Malta.

The Weather in Malta

This apparently surprising cold evening was obviously accompanied by the next morning which was a bright and sunny one with no cold spells in sight. We must be living in Malta. The drawback to this weather is one obvious one though – what to wear? I must admit, I’m quite confused. I generally feel very cold so I tend to err on the side of caution and cuddle myself up, this sometimes leads to occasional sweating in December, especially if walking comes into the picture. On those days where I decide to brave it and take a leap, the Siberian winds hail and I can be found indoors, in the corner trying to keep the shivers at bay.

The Cape

Enter the cape, this particular one is from Pedro del Hierro. The cape is a wonderful item of clothing, not only does it keep you warm especially when made of quality material such as fine wool but it cleverly doesn’t wrap you up to such an extent that it feels overly stuffy. Plus, if you want, you can even wear short sleeved tops underneath thereby allowing more air to circulate through the arms. This oh-so-humble item of clothing is also so clever that it can literally hide any Christmas mince pie effects right under it- no one will ever know and because it is so well-designed, it never needs to leave your body – comfortable enough to continue eating in all through Christmas.

Valletta malta wearing a cape Valletta malta wearing a cape Valletta malta wearing a cape Valletta malta wearing a cape

Cape: Pedro del HierroOutfit Details

Cape: Pedro del Hierro

Shorts: Marc Cain

Boots: Aldo

Socks: Calzedonia


Photos Kurt Paris

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