Empowering Yourself to Be the Person You Want to Be

Whilst Wearing Orange

orange pedro del hierro dress carolnie paris malta

As I sat down to write this post, I had mixed feelings. It’s been a while. I’ve been writing but more of the technical what’s on trend variety rather than of the life update variety. And as I sat down to write, I wasn’t quite sure where to start from. 2019 has been a whirlwind. I recently travelled to Japan and although it was only a 2 1/2 week trip, it always takes me almost as long to feel grounded again. It’s also approximately 6 weeks away from Malta Fashion Week, generally my busiest and most stressful week of the year. To distract myself from all my thoughts, I put on a gorgeous Pedro del Hierro dress; in what is surely one of the hottest (& one of my absolute faves) colours of Spring 2019; hightailed it in force 8 winds to the Siggiewi Pjazza whilst trying valiantly to avoid being swept away into the high ceilings and put my best face on.

orange pedro del hierro dress carolnie paris malta

Empowerment has been on my brain lately, more and more I’ve come to realise that this isn’t just a buzz word and that if you want people to succeed, are truly rooting for them, you need to help them feel empowered. This industry (call it: blogging, call it: influencer marketing), is a prime example – one of the fastest-growing industries, huge sums of money poured into it worldwide with the benefits crystal clear to those companies who truly know how to use of it properly. Yet, I still see so many comments ridiculing the entire business and the people who work in it. In the past, no one ridiculed models or magazines yet they mock what they perceive to be ‘another Instagrammer’. I’ve started to wonder if it’s related to the Instagrammer being a more ‘real person’. A model as many people picture her/him is the epitome of 21st-century aesthetic perfection – tall, long-limbed, angular features, slim. Is it more acceptable for such a person to pose for photos than it is for a more average-looking person? Why should I or anyone else be made to feel awkward about taking my time to capture a perfect photo, must I always look for deserted spots or wake up at the crack of dawn to avoid the stares? Nowadays, the influencer-industry has opened the doors for many men and women to become their own bosses, start and lead successful companies, branch out into fashion lines and so much more. This is only possible when people feel empowered.

I have another gripe, this time it’s actually with the actual members of the industry. I feel that there’s been a shift, many people are choosing to become full-time bloggers/influencers which is amazing. The fact that the local industry has grown to a point such that it can support full-timers fills me with joy. Nonetheless, with all good things come the caveats, and some seem to fail to understand that whether or not the opportunity exists, it doesn’t mean it is the right choice for everyone. Choosing not to go down that route does not make you in any way less dedicated or less passionate about the subject. There are those who are excited by multiple sectors of industry, they are passionate about different things simultaneously and what drives them to perform is this ability to co-exist in the different worlds that excite them. It is not right to make anyone choosing this route to feel anything less than empowered.

As you may have caught on, I’m somewhat referring to myself in this particular context. I’m honestly a bit tired, call it: fed up, of explaining to all and sunder why I choose to keep my ‘other job’. I’m tired of explaining that yes there is a good income to be made from blogging, yes I could go for it but I like my other job – on that note, why is that so hard to believe? Are people generally not happy in the jobs they do? I refuse to be looked down on or perceived to be less invested, I might not be able to work with as many clients as someone who dedicates all their working time but that doesn’t mean I won’t invest time and energy in the ones I do choose to work with and the projects I choose to engage in. Just like we support those people that take the plunge and go for it in one full sweep, we should also empower people like me that refuse to give up on one dream to make place for another. There are others like me in various industries, people who start multiple companies, who delve into different areas in different industries and yet manage to reap success in all areas.

If anyone is new to this little blog and isn’t quite sure what work I do, I work as a Product Owner at Betsson (IGaming) and of course, there’s this lovely place and my social media accounts – Instagram & Facebook. I’ve also chosen to retain my work as a stylist, although I’ve become pickier with the projects I take on and I have once again taken on the position of Digital Marketing and PR Director at Malta Fashion Week for 2019. I’m not asking for praise, I’m not asking for anyone to be impressed,

I’m simply asking for YOUR support that in turn empowers me to be the person I want to be.

orange pedro del hierro dress carolnie paris malta orange pedro del hierro dress carolnie paris malta

orange pedro del hierro dress carolnie paris malta

orange pedro del hierro dress carolnie paris malta

Outfit Details

Dress: Pedro del Hierro (Level 2 Baystreet – Cortefiel)

Shoes: ALDO

Photos: Kurt Paris

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