2018 – Another Year Gone By

Let's Retrospect

2018 - Another Year Gone By- caroline paris Initially, I wasn’t quite sure I wanted to write this sort of post. I’m also not sure (planning to figure it out as I write along) whether I want to bother with the concept of new year resolutions. My relationship with time and life is not really calendar-year based; if anything, it might be goal and project-based, maybe even seasonal. Yet, since childhood, I’ve been programmed to think about my life in calendar years – the scholastic year, the financial year. My gripe is that nothing changes a the end of December, next Tuesday when the clock chimes midnight, absolutely nothing will change except the number 8.

I turn 35 in a few weeks and perhaps that’s why I’m being snippier than norm. Ever since turning 30, 5 years ago, I’ve always greeted my approaching birthday with mixed feelings. There are feelings of childhood glee because I still generally enjoy it and my loved ones always treat me, but also mixed with feelings of trepidation because I can no longer ignore or enjoy the fact that I’m getting older.

It now feels like I’m rambling or diverting from the point, a point which I’ve clearly written on the title of this post – 2018 – the good and the not so good.

2018 - Another Year Gone By- caroline paris

Work Goals

I’m going to divide this into two sections. As some of you know (although some still seem always surprised to realise) – I have two jobs. By day I work at Betsson as a Product Owner and if you’re here, you must at least have an inkling about my work as a stylist and blogger / influencer / will we have another word in 2019? I’m not going to retrospect the Product Owner job, suffice to say that it was an interesting year and that my answer to the popular question – “Why don’t you blog / fashion work full time will continue to be – “Because I like both jobs and I see no reason to choose one over the other ..yet :)”

When it comes to fashion work, a lot was done but I wish I worked on new projects. I feel like I had goals to branch into things that didn’t materialise because I was in many ways stuck in a bit of a loop. I worked on some amazing projects with some great brands, had some great trips and even spoke at a Google conference – this was defo a life highlight. However, I feel that there was a bit of a repetitive cycle in both my approach and the work actually done.

I also feel that in an effort to fit in the mould of whatever I thought I should be doing I may have lost a part of what I want to do most which are styling and writing – so I’m putting more of this on my agenda for 2019. This means that if you want to work on a shoot with me – this is my pitch to drop me a line.

Dealing with Injuries & Fitness Goals

I can’t be less proud of myself in this aspect of my life. I started off well with therapy sessions and did all the scans I needed to do. However, once I established there was nothing too seriously wrong and I reached a point of comfort without daily pain, I kinda just stopped everything which of course means that of late, the pain is starting to resurface. It also means I’m the least fit I’ve ever been in my life and the past 6 months have seen the least exercise any 6 months of my entire existence has ever seen. Going back to exercise will go on the 2019 TODO list of course but my at this point I cannot honestly say my expectations of achievement are high.

Travel Goals

I had a goal to travel better in 2018, this didn’t materialise but three particularly great trips come to mind – Ireland with my parents, as old as I grow I will always love travelling with my mother, one of the only people I know who can match my energy. Barcelona and Amsterdam with the hubby were two great trips and there were plenty of others. There were no long trips to far-flung destinations though which was my original goal.

2019 is set to be a good one with two trips already planned for February and March, perhaps even a last-minute birthday jaunt but the March one will be the highlgiht as I’m planning an uber-exciting one.

Life Enjoyment Work-Balance Goals

Midway through 2018, it became a bit apparent to me that to focus more on work I had ended up eliminating too many things from my life that brought me enjoyment. I’m not superwoman, the reality is that if I want to spend 2 hrs watching TV cuddling the hubby on the sofa, the blog post will probably not get written. If I want to visit my nieces more often, it might mean less time for meetings. Increasing my presence ‘in the moment’ might also mean less-than-perfect photos and less social media updates. Travelling without taking outfit shots means less content and so on. There are other smaller things I brought back into my life like finding time to read, to take a hot bath, to tidy up my house (not really enjoyable but the result is always good) and to plan less and leave time for spontaneous drinks after work, random dinners after events and whatever else might take my fancy.

Although it is very hard for me to accept ‘doing less’, I needed to do this, I needed to find a better life/work balance and the reward is a great one. Needless to say, my plan is to continue to do this in 2019.

I wasn’t too into writing this post but it seems like I’ve managed to ramble on for quite a while and my stomach is rumbling, so it might be time to bid you farewell and see you in the new year.

Lots of love



2018 - Another Year Gone By- caroline paris

2018 - Another Year Gone By- caroline paris

Outfit Details

Shoes: Stivaletti

Tights: Calzedonia Party Collection

Dress: River Island

Earrings: Aldo


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