Blue Eyes, a Vintage Dress & a Headband

An Instagram reader recently pointed out that I have a lot of clothes, she wanted to know how I manage to store all of them – good question and well let’s just say it’s not the most ideal of storage systems.

What I will say, is that in recent years, whilst it might not always be apparent, I have actually become a lot choosier with what takes up permanent residence in my house and closet. Life is too short to eat bad food or wear bad clothes and whilst I’m all for the relaxed pair of jeans and a t-shirt to wear on a general day, I also believe that at least 80% of my outfits should have a purpose. I should derive a degree of pleasure and satisfaction from wearing them.
When it comes to vintage pieces, I’ve had phases during which I’m obsessed with hunting down unique pieces and others throughout which I can’t really be bothered. At the moment, my mindset sits somewhere between the two, I won’t make vintage clothes my daily wear but I really love the idea of occasional vintage wear and/or including some vintage accessories in an otherwise modern outfit.
I feel that this outfit is a cross between all things. The dress is a vintage one, probably from around the 70s, I found it at Fly the Fly in Sliema, Malta and I was super lucky that it fit so well. The makeup I feel has a lot of late 70’s and 80’s influence (Chris Attard at Franks did such a great job) whilst my hair, well it’s all natural but it does have an 80’s feel to it. Then there’s the headband and necklace which are bespoke pieces created by the super talented Marpesia & Co who finally opened her own boutique in San Gwann which is where many of these photos were shot. Last but not least, is the bag and shoes, the shoes are ultra modern but the bag has a vintage feel to it.
I wore this otufit to the Jazz Festival Launch at Phoenicia Hotel – great night out with amazing music.

Outfit Details

Dress: Fly the Fly Vintage

Shoes: Stivaletti

Headband and Jewellery: Marpesia & Co

Makeup: Chris Attard (Franks – The Art of Living)

Bag: Furla

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