My Introduction to La Prairie

& an improved skincare routine

There are those famous brands that everyone has heard about but well, you’ve never had the chance to try for various reasons. In the case of La Prairie, it is in all honestly above my usual skincare budget and since I’ve only just started to see fine lines forming (help), I just hadn’t gone there yet. When they offered me the chance to start receiving facial treatments and to try out some of their products, obviously my reaction was a happy one but it was above all a super interested one. I was finally going to try out this iconic brand – would every skin issue I’ve ever seen on my face instantly disappear?

Well, first of all, it is important to set expectations, La Prairie is one of the best brands around especially in terms of their innovation and quality of ingredients but it’s not a magic wand or a photoshop filter. The reality is that good skin is a mixture of genetics, lifestyle and a tough skin care regimen. Hannah is the La Prairie wizard in Malta and she is also responsible for the magic hands that have given me 3 amazing facials this year. The first thing she told me is that my skin was dehydrated and that it could do with a bit of extra TLC. At that point in time, I had actually really been lapsing with my serum usage and I hadn’t had a facial in a year – guilty! We discussed what products I owned and was currently using which as I’ve mentioned in previous posts is a mixture of Guerlain (although this wasn’t being used at the time, just mainly sitting pretty on the shelf and Bioderma). The decision was for me to attempt to stick to a 4 step care system, cleansing and toning first, then a pre-serum, serum, moisturiser.

Did you know pre-serums exist? I didn’t or at least I thought it was only used in the Korean system which I know involves using a bunch of different oils and serums.

This pre-serum – SKIN CAVIAR ESSENCE-IN-LOTION is infused with distilled caviar water and it helps increase firmness and elasticity.

At my last facial, I got a thumbs up for my improved and more dedicated skin care routine.

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