Skincare Routine with Biodroga

During this quarantine period, we all found or tried to find different ways to amuse ourselves, mine was most definitely skincare. I had somewhat neglected my skin over the last year and it was time to give it some much-needed care. So thanks to this period I discovered a few new brands, tools and techniques but one of the greatest gifts has to have been the discovery of Biodroga. Biodroga was completely new to me as a brand, I had never even tried a sample let alone an entire skin routine.

A wonderful Biodroga specialist I met in Malta, Hilda Farrugia gave me an online consultation, talked to me about my skin for a while and came up with a line of products and a routine that should be most ideal for my face.

My skin is dehydrated and combination, I still get breakouts, especially around my period and I suffer from an annoying rash called perioral dermatitis that has a mind of its own (but that’s a completely different topic).  So she wanted to start me off with using super hydrating products containing hyaluronic acid and also others containing salicylic acid and vitamin c to help with the breakouts and congestion.

The Cleanser – Cleansing fluid for Impure Skin, Allantoin

Ingredients: Salicylic acid, Zinc gluconate, Allantoin. The main ingredients found within this product are there to counter inflammation, stimulate the new formation of skin cells, improves the regeneration of skin whilst soothing the skin. 

I love using this cleanser day and night, it doesn’t feel rich, takes off all my makeup, and my skin doesn’t feel dry or raw after. In this post I’m going to talk about the daily, most common routine – cleanser, serum, moisturiser – there are some other super special products I’ve tried like masks and exfoliators but I’ll talk about them in the next post.

The Serums and Skin Boosters

I tried a few different ones, sometimes layered on after each other, sometimes alone. They have different benefits and I found that my skin enjoyed and responded well to the variety.

The one I use most is the anti-ox, anti-glycation serum

A super hydrating one is the hyaluronic acid gel concentrate, it is super moisturising and protects my face against dryness, this was especially useful on windy walks. It has no fragrances or oils or parabens and feels very lightweight. It’s hard to describe a feeling of when a serum works but it just feels really good.

A favourite is one I actually only had a sample of which I guarded previously – the vitamin c concentrate 15% Stabilized vitamin C (3-O-ethyl ascorbic acid). Vitamin C is one of te most popular trends in skincare right now, lots of studies and research show that it has huge benefits in protecting the skin against harmful radicals and therefore prevent premature ageing.

And the one I use really often has a special mix of ingredients: Glutathion Mimetic Peptide. Stabilized Vitamin C, Vitamin E Acetate. This serum’s main focus point is countering cell damage.


The Moisturisers

I tried two different moisturisers – one for the morning routine and one for the night routine. For the morning session, I used the ultimate lifting cream, an anti-ageing moisturiser that can be used both morning and evening as it has a very lightweight, non-greasy feel. It is fragrance-free, highly moisturising and hydrating. The focus of this product is to reawaken sleeping skin cells and restore vitality to the skin, making it feel plumper. It feels wonderful to apply in the morning after cleansing your skin, I tend to see it as the same feeling as drinking a glass of water in the morning – that feeling of satisfaction.

For the evening session, I used the Anti-aging care for impure skin which has the following ingredients DMC – Derma Membrane Complex, salicylic acid, Bioecolia, D-Panthenol, thistle oil, jojoba oil, vitamin E acetate, Codiavelane, Scleroglucane Vitamin A – encapsulated Retinol. This was chosen for me to counteract the oiliness in my T-zone and chin area and avoid breakouts whilst still protecting my skin and giving it the vitamins and ingredients it needs.

General Review

After 2 months of using these products (I only occasionally used a different serum or cleanser and mainly for variety’s sake or simply because there are a few products from other brands that I also like a lot that I felt like using) my skin has never been happier, I still got a small breakout around my period but it whilst previously I experienced ingrown cysts, these didn’t happen anymore, my skin hadn’t had a glow in a while and it feels like this is slowly but surely bringing it back, I haven’t seen any signs of dehydration in a while too.


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