The Perfect Makeup Base

with Revlon Photoready

revlon photoready airbrush

For the last two weeks, I’ve been trialling a new primer and foundation by Revlon (Photoready Airbrush Effect) for reviewing purposes. When it comes to makeup, I’m not super fussy about which brands I use – I have my favourites of course, but if I like a lip colour or an eyeshadow I’ll buy it irrespective of the brands. My makeup cabinet resembles a multi-brand store, I’m just missing the stands.

When it comes to foundations however I’m a bit particular. First of all, my olive-toned skin is not always an easy colour match. Many brands only make colours that are either too orange or too pink, neither of them being looks I particularly want to achieve. The second constraint is that whilst I want some coverage, especially if its a photo-taking day, I don’t want heavy coverage that both looks and feels like a mask. I’ve tried a couple of Revlon foundations earlier this year, they were good but they didn’t take pride of place and become go-to products if you catch my drift.

Revlon Photoready Airbrush Foundation & Perfecting Primer

The formula is super silky, the beige natural shade is a great colour match on my currently slightly tanned skin. It uses light-filtering technology to achieve that poreless, airbrushed look with a flawless, luminous finish. The packaging is simple – pump applicator and standard no-fuss Revlon bottle

Application Method

I applied the foundation after applying the primer each time, this really helps to achieve that flawless, uniform finish, it’s only a small extra step and the extra effort is really worth it.  The primer itself also has a really nice, blendable texture and doesn’t have that silicone feel to it. I used a beauty sponge to apply both, both dry and damp depending on whether I felt like walking to the bathroom.

Staying Power & Finish

It is important to remember that this is not a matte foundation. Post application the skin looks dewy and there are even some sparkles in the formula which is what leads to the shimmery, luminous finish. I personally love this but then again I don’t have oily skin, the effect might be completely different on someone with oily skin. I also applied a very light coating of powder on top and a finishing spray, both of these things help to eliminate the chances of ending up with a slick look after a few hours.

I wore it for days out in the sun and days sitting in the office, it lasted through both scenarios, obviously, I felt some of the product had faded after a sweaty 6 hrs in 37 degrees but it held up enough to be able to take a couple of photos.

revlon photoready airbrush

The Finishing Setting Spray – Prep, Set, Refresh

I’ve used a lot of finishing sprays, I don’t like powder too much and try to avoid it or at least use only a very minimal amount on the t-zone area.  Whilst I realise it isn’t quite the same thing, I generally opt for a few sprays of a setting spray / fixer. This new release from Revlon is now being trialled, I need to try it out a bit more before I can give a proper analysis on how much it helps to increase staying power but initial comments are that it feels comfortable on the skin and doesn’t smudge makeup upon application. Makeup felt noticeably less tacky after application yet the foundation retained its dewiness. Will keep you updated.

revlon photoready airbrush revlon photoready airbrush revlon photoready airbrush

revlon photoready airbrush

revlon photoready airbrush

Happy Beuty Day ! Until next time.



Photos by Kurt Paris



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