Esthederm – Facial at Home

Esthederm is a high end newly launched skincare brand in Malta. The first products I tried are a set of products that when used together allow you to perform a ‘mini-facial’ at home.

The products are from the brand’s OSMOCLEAN line

Step 1 Milk Cleanser

Lovely, milk cleaner that felt nourishing and delicate on my skin. Purpose is to simply clean your face.

Step 2 Deep Pore Cleanser

This product is similar to a mask but after application, you use it to scrub your face and clean right into the pored. I always worry that scrubs will dry my face out but this wasn’t harsh at all.

Step 3 Brightening Buffing Mask

A mask product that is simply applied and left on for a while – the purpose behind it is to remove dullness and let your skin’s natural radiance shine through. To give you that healthy glow basically.

Step 4 Ceullaire Water

Not exactly part of the facial but an add-on I used which is a refreshing, hydrating mist spray that doubles up as a toner.

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