A Stay at The Cumberland

A Valletta Resident For 3 Days

cumberland hotel malta valletta

Last weekend I was a Valletta resident for 3 nights, it was an exhilarating experience. I was invited to stay at the Cumberland, an exquisite newly opened upscale boutique hotel that is an experience in hospitality and interior design in itself. Of course, it wasn’t my first time visiting Valletta, it actually wasn’t even my first time living for a few days there (although the last time was about 20 years ago actually). The beauty of Valletta is in it’s hidden corners, in the tiny architectural details, in the soul of the city and when you spend a certain amount of time there, it’s as though your senses are awakened to your surroundings and then, inspiration starts to flow.


If you’re a tourist visiting Malta, you may of course only have sun, sea and beach on your agenda but if history and culture feature in any way, then I strongly recommend that you spend a few nights in Valletta. To experience the place, you need to see it at night and at twilight, to see it when the streets are quiet and all the shops are closed, to watch the mix of locals, tourists and expats mingle on the same steps and listen to the same music. A day trip is simply not enough.

The Hotel

I truly recommend the Cumberland, the rooms are large and spacious, the high ceilings are wonderful to wake up to and the interior design is such a thrill. My room was a duplex, which meant I had my own little living room although the comfy, huge bed was generally my relaxing parking point.

The location is perfect, pretty much bang in the absolute centre, right next to all the best restaurants and must-see sights (& shops). The soundproofed windows ensure a perfect night’s sleep which considering how much of a light sleeper I am, is totally necessary. A terrace on the top floor has a whirlpool jacuzzi with a lovely view where you can also have a drink. Apparently, this terrace can also be rented out for events, maybe my next birthday party.

There’s also a fine dining restaurant attached to the hotel – 64gun, I had dinner there but I’ll review that in a separate post (too many photos). In the morning, this is where breakfast is served, breakfast is all cooked to order, a 4-course affair of bread and pastries, yoghurt, omelette or pancakes and fresh fruit. Delicious tastes and even better presentation. You can also sit outside and watch the city come alive, that’s what I did on the first morning.

I would love to end this post by saying that after this experience the hubby and I have decided to move to Valletta but sadly this isn’t the case, it is truly a magical place to live. Well then Valletta – adieu, until the next time!

cumberland hotel malta valletta

cumberland hotel malta valletta

cumberland hotel malta valletta cumberland hotel malta valletta cumberland hotel malta valletta cumberland hotel malta valletta

cumberland hotel malta valletta cumberland hotel malta valletta

cumberland hotel malta valletta

All Photos by Kurt Paris


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