Summer Daze

Mid-August and the intense heat both exhausts and intensifies us, there’s something about the long, warm summer days, the smell of the sea and the feeling of running barefoot on the sand. I’m a summer gal, always have been, the highlight of my week is a trip to the beach, a day out in the sun- there’s nothing quite like it. Yet, summer as an adult is not summer as a child. A part of me feels cheated almost, I was led to believe that summer meant playtime, long months of having no duties, no troubles or worries. Summer as an adult means the normal routine, days hard at work with perhaps more daylight and fewer traffic troubles – doesn’t seem fair somehow.

As much as I enjoy my life and my work, a part of me still yearns for that time, those endless days of ‘nothing to do’.

My look also changes in Summer – my hair is the most obvious change, I tend to leave it in its natural habitat – curly and carefree; my clothing preferences – more dress based as you can see and my jewellery which turns from a mix of silver and gold to practically only gold. This dress is a vintage-inspired gorgeous number from Fly the Fly in Sliema, Malta. You may remember this store from this other post in which I wore an actual vintage number. The store carries both actual vintage and vintage inspired – it’s one of my favourites in Malta.

I’d also like to use this post to showcase my new sunglasses by Silhouette (sold at O’hea Opticians in Malta), the Perret Schaad model- this brand makes me so happy because they produce amazingly stylish shades but so so comfortable and lightweight.

Back to summer and my predicament – maybe I just need to travel more?

Outfit Details

Shoes : Stivaletti

Dress : Fly the Fly Vintage

Sunglasses : Silhouette via O’hea Opticians


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