Paris Hilton Skincare – A Review

In all honesty, I’m the type of girl that changes her skincare around on different days. First of all, I’m a product junkie who needs to try everything under the sun. Secondly, I tend to have a few holy grail items that I rotate around according to what I feel my face needs at that very moment.

If you’re not me and not [particularly fond of the idea of having a bathroom filled with half-used tubs of products that seemed to give birth to more, there are a lot of benefits to be gained fro sticking to one brand and using products that have been designed to work in harmony together. Occasionally I do this too. I was lucky enough to be introduced to the Paris Hilton ProDNA skincare brand last year by way of a gift. My first reaction was I have to admit a bit biased and scornful. I was never ever a Paris face and the idea that this woman could produce something I would want to put on my face seemed slightly off.

The ProD.N.A. line is built upon GenoMatrix®, a revolutionary formulation of powerful enzymes derived from marine microalgae and other natural, active ingredients.

To learn more about the science behind The Paris Hilton ProDNA brand and product line click here. But along came my trusty google and well the reviews seemed good the concept sound and it is not at all silly and quite a high-end product line. What I like si that none of the products have any heavy perfume fragrances or tacky packaging. They are mainly quite odourless and the packaging is actually quite simple and minimalist The price is at a really good price point too, it is not a cheap ‘supermarket’ brand but it’s pretty affordable considering the high quality of the product.

The products I’ve tried are the

Dual Action Cleansing Gel

What I like about this is that it is gentle but effective. If I’ve worn a lot of makeup I would generally first wash it off using my GLOV and micellar water and then use this again with the GLOV under warm water. My skin doesn’t feel dry or tight and is thoroughly cleansed.

Advanced Recovery Serum

My favourite of the range, super, SUPER serum that really is an all-round good serum that tones and plumps the skin, hydrates, helps prevent wrinkles and repair damage and yet is absorbed quickly and doesn’t feel greasy. This one will always find it’s way into my skin routine at least once a day respective of what other products I use alongside it. The dropper application is fab too.

Face & Décolletage Cream

I generally use this either in the morning or in the evening, it is a rich moisturiser and possibly not to be used every morning and evening unless on very dry skin or perhaps on older skin. However once a day seems to really please my skin and I also love it as a neck cream too. The applicator method is a pump which keeps the cream intact from any possible bacteria.

Lift and Firm Eye Cream

I’ve found this to be good at keeping my eye area moisturised and helping with my generally inevitable dark circles (simply not enough good sleep time). It is also absorbed pretty quickly and especially on the brow area I really feel my skin drink it in as I apply it.

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