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essence makeup look maltaDid I ever tell you that I originally wanted to be a makeup blogger? Rewind to ten years ago, I was living in Scotland (where there were actually shops like Boots and Superdrug in close proximity), reading Specktra and Makeupalley on a daily basis and I was obsessed. Since I moved back to Malta (back then there was literally nothing around here) and also because well probably I’ve even more obsessed with clothes, I focused on fashion. Nonetheless, my love for beauty and cosmetics has always prevailed and I decided earlier this year that I would start devoting a good chunk of time to exploring this love of mine in this space.

I’m no expert, I won’t sit here and promise any lavish works of art, I am however a self-confessed beauty junkie, I’ve tried countless different brands and products so I can usually conduct a decent review from a personal perspective. I’m also quite experimental, there isn’t much I won’t try, even just out of sheer curiosity. Case in point – this makeup look. I’m still on the fence about whether I love it or hate it.

The Makeup Look

Let’s start with the products used – mainly Essence, I’m collaborating with this brand to trial their products for a few months and I wanted to play around with some new tools I had just received.

  • Glitter – they have an actual tool to apply the glitter but I didn’t have it in hand so instead, I used their eyeshadow base (which by the way is amazing and makes regular eyeshadow almost 2 shades brighter). Rather than going for full-on glitter, which would have looked silly probably, I just applied some glitter in the corners of my eyes
  • Lipstick – (Vibrant Shock Lipstick – 10 no to mainstream) This teal shade is peculiar but I also think it’s really complimentary to my current hair colour, I mean it’s a statement, it’s something you would wear to a fashion week or a  festival party not to your office met up event. It needs a few layers to build up, I noticed when examing these photos that I hadn’t put enough when I smiled, there are a few cracks in the colour. My lips are very dry though so that makes life for a lipstick harder.
  • Mascara -(lash princess false lash mascara)  I’m using this mascara whenever I want that false lash effect, the length is amazing and I haven’t had any problems with staying power.


essence makeup look malta essence makeup look malta

essence makeup look malta essence makeup look malta

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