Prada Candy Kiss

Prada Candy Kiss Fragrance - the name alone implies a sweetness, a fresh cuteness, the pink bottle implies something sweet and girl, so so pretty.

Reality - this perfume packs a punch, assertive and sexy, the feeling is seductive and addictivem making you want to feel enveloped inits fragrance.


The Gift Set

Are you a perfume gift set lover? I never was, I was never really sold on the idea of a perfumed moisturiser, thinking they wouldn’t be quite as effective or have the same sort of consistency as one from a dedicated brand. I love this set though, it’s taken absolute pride of place on my bathroom cabinet so that I remember to use it before every big night out. The best item is the rollerball – carry it with you in your handbag and rea apply at that key moment when you want to smell perfectly seductive – 10 points.

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