Events: A few days with GOOGLE Part 1: In Malta

Everyone has dreams they aspire to and my 20-year-old tecchie self always dreamt of working at Google. Truth be told, due to logistics, I never even actually applied for a job but it was one of those dreams that you kind of just dream about but don’t even attempt to transfer into a reality. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has them. In 2015 I received an email from a company claiming to work for Google telling me that they wished me to join a new programme of theirs and they also wished to film Google video about me and my fashion business. In an Inbox full of spam you can imagine my initial reaction. Fast forward a bit and in a year, they have indeed filmed a video, organised a photoshoot, hosted a day workshop here in Malta which I was part of and invited me to Dublin twice for Ambassador meetup conferences. So maybe it wasn’t a scam after all.
The Malta workshop was the first and they invited me to form part of the discussion panel and also to have my own booth presenting my work and business to all attendees. I was insanely nervous before the event, luckily they invited me out to dinner the night before so I didn’t have that much time to think about it all. My booth was absolutely stunning and the workshop which highlighted the importance of going digital was very informative. It was great speaking to different people who are thinking of starting an online enterprise of some sort and being able to share my own experiences with them. The event was titled Growing and Thriving Online and was hosted by MEP Therese Comodini Cachia in collaboration with Google. Consultant specialist Alex Grech was the first speaker and he highlighted the importance of digital literacy. The Panel came next, besides myself, there were Dr Comodini Cachia, Polish Polish MEP Michal Boni, Malta Business Bureau CEO Joe Tanti, entrepreneur Paul Doyle. We touched on various subjects including that very few SMEs in Malta are currently digitally abled and that few SMEs in Europe are attempting cross-border business. We also talked about the need for there to be more emphasis within the country’s education system to teach digital skills. For example, for tech people, using analytics, using social media, creating a website is like brushing your teeth in the morning but the average entrepreneur working on their first business might not know these things. We need to ensure that everyone is digitally knowledgeable.
After lunch and lots of Q&A at my booth we attended a workshop on how to export successfully which went into detail as to how to use Google Analytics and online statistical data in general, to be able to learn more about your current and potential audiences.
A few days later, I hopped on to a plane to Dublin. I love Dublin so that is already a highlight for me but I was actually invited to an Ambassador’s event so that ‘s the next post. Stay tuned!

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