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Last year, one of the highlights of my summer was spending a day discovering Corinthia Palace’s pool area. I was not a guest of any sort, it was recommended by a friend as a place not full of screaming kids. I fell head over heels in love with the place. Sadly, my life is full of ‘things to do’ and I only managed to return one more time last year.
This year I decided I not only wanted to go again but I wanted to write all about it. They were kind enough to invite me as their guest along with the camera-wielding hubby. The Corinthia Palace is tucked away in the middle of a residential area, far away from the sea and therefore not the most obvious choice for a day by the pool. However, it really is heavenly, it has a peaceful, happy vibe and none of the feelings of hectic activity often found at other resorts.

The day started off on the wrong foot – I woke up late..was a bit slow at getting ready and the hubby was mad at me for arriving late. He rightfully stated that taking photos in a place now obviously full with people was not his idea of fun. We nearly left but I kind of trapped him with the statement that I’d take all the photos. Kurt hates watching something being done wrongly…my inferior attempts make him reach for his camera each and every time 🙂
We wiled away some hours of the morning in the pool and on the sunbed and then booked a table for lunch at the Summer Kitchen Restaurant. The menu has changed this summer and having missed the launch party a few weeks back, I was eager to sample.
We started our meal with a smoked burrata to share. Warm, salty focaccia was also served. I’m a huge burrata fan but this was my first time tasting a smoked version. It had a lovely texture and a delicious taste and consistency.
For mains, we were both tempted by the delicious smells wafting out of the grill area. I went for chicken and the hubby chose steak. Both were cooked on a special oven that uses charcoal so you get that lovely smokey flavour.
We both decided to be healthy and ask for grilled veg instead of fries. The chicken was tender with a spicy taste that felt like a Mexican recipe adapted to include Mediterranean flavours. Portobello mushrooms that always remind me of Gozo were also served on the side. Absolutely delicious.
I don’t eat steak so can’t rate the hubby’s meal but he is quite a fervent steak eater and he professed it to be one of the best steaks he’s ever eaten. Apparently, we’re going back.
I tried to decline desert on the basis of needing to lose weight but well there was a chocolate brownie pudding concoction thing on the dessert menu. I swear it’s a conspiracy – chocolate follows me wherever I go. The hubby whose will is stronger than mine opted for some fruit salad.
If you’ve ever stayed or eaten at any of the Corinthia Palace venues you know that the service is always excellent. I’ve had weddings there, baby showers, launches – all manner of things. Not once has the service disappointed me and I’m quite a stickler for good service. The staff truly go out of their way to help.
So now just to find time in my life for another Sunday there…..

For details of my outfit, check out this post over here

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    UBU Republic

    Absolutely love this post. And to the contrary, I think your photos are just spectacular! What are you shooting on?

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