Outfit Post : Wearing Henri at MANGANO

A lot of people often comment about how much my style can change from one day to the next and I know they’re right – I tend to dress according to my mood, according to the person I want to be on that day. For me dressing up is about having fun, almost like donning a costume. So some people seem to think that my style is similar to Scandi – style, you know long jackets, culottes and sneakers, others think I’m all about the pretty dresses. I like a lot of things but probably the closest to my heart is the pretty dress. People who remember me as a child say that even back then I was all about showing off my dress and frills and bouncing around happily.
For the MANGANO launch party, I wore the prettiest dress in town – it’s from their F/W 2017 collection and the name is Henri. It is actually available in red and black and some people were quite surprised I opted for the yellow/ mustard version but I absolutely LOVE this colour. 

Outfit Details
Nails, HD Brows : Beauty Team Mosta
Hair : Toni and Guy Hilton
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