My Fitness Journey in 2017

It’s been a while since I gave you an update about my fitness journey. The reason for the delay isn’t just about me being lazy or busy but also about how I was feeling about it all. As you might remember, towards the end of last summer, I teamed up with MOVE Fitness in a project designed to make me fit again and even more importantly to help me fall back in love with exercise. I had a few goals, well one of my goals is always to lose weight I guess but mostly I wanted to feel fit and healthier.


So How Am I Doing ??


Honestly, now in 2017, I can say with a straight face – pretty damn well. A few months ago I was a lot less pleased – let me fill you in

A big life change coincided with the start of my fitness journey project – a lot, a lot of work-related travel. Most of you know that in my other persona, I inhabit the soul of a computer scientist and my latest adventure is that I am consulting for a pretty fantastic company in Sweden, which is why I’m always in Stockholm lately. Then there’s all my fashion-related travel and my holidays… I think I’ve spent more time away from Malta than there since last August.

However, I’ve been really trying, trying to exercise when I’m away, trying to choose stairs over lifts, salads over burgers and all that jazz. However, when routines change so drastically so ofen it is really hard. When I’m in Malta, I go to MOVE at least twice a week and my trainers really make sure I maximise every minute there and target specific areas – it’s great except that occasionally I can’t walk the next day.

December was tough, a holiday in Paris, Christmas parties..I definitely wasn’t happy with myself or my body in December. Then we started 2017 and I’m now ending what has been a 23-day stay in Sweden. Before I left my trainer at MOVE asked me if the hotel I was staying at had a gym. It did.

He set me a goal – to make these three weeks my gym weeks, to set a goal to exercise my heart out, without getting injured of course. And guess what? I DID it. Six hours a week minimum exercise, healthy eating (90% of the time – we all need chocolate). Honestly, I am feeling really, really great. Perfect timing too – I’m off to London and Milan Fashion Week next week and I need to fit in my clothes and lots and lots of stamina. I know 23 days is not a huge deal but it means a lto to me that I managed it well.

Now for a week in Malta and lots of exercise at MOVE & I’ll be all set.

Can you sense my happiness?


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