Valentine’s Weekend with Victoria

I’ve just spent a long weekend at the Victoria Hotel in the name of Valentine. The thing is, I’ve actually never been a huge Valentine’s Day fan. I got bitten by the bad side of the commercial holiday (horrible experience at a restaurant trying to cater for half the country) and I got put off. However, this year as you know, I’ve spent almost a month away from the hubby and returned just before this long weekend which was of course right before Valentine’s Day.
So when AXHotels invited me to experience their Valentine’s stay at the Victoria Hotel, it seemed like the perfect plan. Of course, apart from the fact that it went like this – 23-night hotel stay, 1 night home stay – 2 nights hotel stay …and I leave Malta again in a couple of days time. Luckily, I actually love hotel stays (in nice hotels :P). I gravitate towards comfort and ease, especially when it’s tinged with some sort of luxury and pampering. 
Fooling around happy slideshow below

The Victoria Hotel which is bang in the middle of Sliema, has recently undergone a renovation project, all the rooms have been redecorated and upgraded and it looks fabulous. The theme is, as the name implies, old royal English and the cutest royal pug ever. I almost died when I saw these cushions – I was seriously considering stuffing one in my luggage, I’m sure there’ll be guests that do this.
Then there’s the bathroom which had the best light I’ve ever found in a hotel – perfect for applying makeup and super cool black and white tiles.

victoria hotel

Since this stay was all in the name of Valentine, I found a lovely bouquet of roses and a swan with rose petals waiting for me. They also brought a bottle of prosecco and cherries to the room. I felt so spoilt.
The finishing touches in the room are what makes it stand out – the wall paper – the curtains, bed linings.

We checked into the hotel on Friday afternoon, we were greeted at reception by the wonderful staff who will go out of their way to assist you with anything you might need. We got settled in, relaxed and then went for a short workout session at the gym.
That night, the agenda said dinner at the Copperfields Restaurant, which is also looking really lovely. The buffet was delicious and the service excellent. I ate so many things – seafood salad, pasta with sundried tomatoes, really tender chicken with potatoes and an awesome chocolate cake.

Flick through the slide below to see some food pics.

The next morning the hubby woke up hungry and in a hurry for breakfast, so he dragged me back down to the Copperfield restaurant still half asleep and blurry-eyed.

I claimed to not be hungry but well…there was a lot to choose from. Slide photos below

I spent Saturday shopping around Sliema, chilling infront of the TV and I actually had a short afternoon nap.
I was enough of a pig to go out for dinner again and this time it was TemptAsian at The Palace Hotel. The Palace Hotel and The Victoria hotel are linked together as they are both members of AX Hotels so it’s super easy to go from one to the other.
I’m not posting foody pics of this meal – I will be writing a full post about dinner sometime soon, it’s such an awesome experience, it deserves a whole story.

Next morning I was feeling guilty and the hubby woke up early to run 16k so I went to their gym and did a HIT session. At 10 am they brought me breakfast in the room which is something I really love, I love eating breakfast in bed, crumbs or no crumbs.

To end the perfect weekend, both the hubby and I finished off with an hour-long Sweedish massage at the in-house spa by Marion Mizzi. It was a really fantastic massage, one of the best both of us have ever experienced.

More pics in the slides below

I had so much fun this weekend, I don’t know if it was because it was right before Valentine’s Day so love was in the air so to speak or just because I was in such a great mood and happy to be back in Malta. It felt so perfect and happy to be staying there and ‘celebrating’ romance.
The thing about these events is that whether or not you agree with the concept, they do force you to put your work aside and spend time with your loved ones and that makes them both important and powerful.

Thanks to the Victoria Hotel for a truly wonderful stay

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