Microblading 1 Week Later

& What is Microblading

Last week, I filmed a short video the day after I had microblading done and told you a bit about how I felt, how it went etc etc but I realised a lot of people still don’t actually know what microblading is. Microblading as a technique uses a very fine blade to create strokes that look exactly like hair onto the eyebrow area. The blade is basically used to deposit pigment into the epidermis which in laymen’s terms is the two outer areas of the skin.
So as I mentioned last time, I did not get microblading done across my entire eyebrows, basically I had been doing the HD Brows Treatment at Beauty Team, in Malta, for a while before. This helped shape my eyebrows and also allowed them to grow fuller, especially in areas where hair was missing. This means that I then only needed microblading (which I also did at Beauty Team in Mosta, Malta) to fill in those areas that were still missing hair. I have always had certain gaps and these weren’t completely solved through HD brows.
The strokes created looked quite dark the day after the treatment but one week later, they’ve faded to a more natural-looking colour. Some people do get scabs for  day or two but I didn’t really get any. I haven’t wet my eyebrows for this entire week which has been difficult but not impossible and I avoided scratching or touching them. The next part of the process will be to get a touch up done (microblading is always done in two stages) in about 3 -4 weeks.

My Microblading treatment was done at The Beauty Team in Mosta in Malta


So I got microblading done….Follow my recovery journey let’s see what the final result will look

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