Cleansing and Toning

A Calm & Pure Approach

About 5 months ago, I suffered a skin reaction of sorts, something known as perioral dermatitis. It seems like it came about because I was using a nasal steroid spray. Intelligent me initially tried to fix it by using a topical steroid ointment which of course exacerbated the matter and caused havoc to the area under my nose and around my mouth.
After about a month of trying everything under the roof from tea tree oil to coconut oil to even an athlete’s foot cream supposed to work miracles according to the internet, I found time to plan a trip to the dermatologist. She confirmed my suspicions and gave me orders of the – use nothing variety – something I find very hard to do.
She did allow me to use makeup though, which still needs to be cleaned. I started using this cleanser and this toner from Ericson Laboratoire and it felt absolutely beautiful on my skin. My fears that it would irritate the skin further were not realised at all. Actually, the ‘rash’ seemed to calm down after using it.

Both the Bip-Pure and the Derma-calm ranges of this brand are made for sensitive skin with the mentality of keeping things pure and simple without overloading with harmful ingredients. In terms of how great a cleanser it is, I do find that now that my skin is well and I’ve gone back to using full makeup, I need to use micellar water or a cleanser oil before it but on a daily basis it is good enough..

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