Imedeen – Mission for Beautiful Skin

If you opened PINK Magazine, or my facebook page last Sunday, you may have seen this advert or me gushing over it. I am insanely thrilled to have been picked to be the Maltese brand ambassador for Imedeen oral skincare. 
I was initially put on the Derma One program which is most suitable for my age. Skin analysis tests are part of the process of using this product. The test is done using the Ultrasound Skin Scan, this is basically an ultrasound machine used to measure the levels of collagen, elastin and moisture . It is used on an area of skin about 12 mm wide and generates an image showing the quality and condition of the skin in the invisible dermal layer.  You can see my result in the image on the left below after using the product for a month and a half. The other image shows the average result for my age which means mine is currently above average – yipee. I did not have a recorded skin test before starting the program so I cannot measure the exact difference but the result is currently looking fantastic.

Taking care of your skin is one of the most important life lessons instilled in me at a young age by my mother and I will be forever grateful. I still remember telling my friends I was using eye cream at the age of 20 and being greeted with looks of confusion; they were sleeping with their makeup on. I’m not perfect, there are days where I skip the night cream and I don’t always find time for regular facials but overall, I’ve always tried to make taking care of my skin a priority. This why I am so thrilled to be a part of this. From the literature I’ve read, oral skincare is really the new breakthrough in skincare. There are limits to how far topical care can go and that last bit can be reached orally.
To make things more interesting and give you more proof that this product works, I’ve also selected two winners on my Facebook Page who will be trialling the Derma 40 program. You’ll have more results to compare that cater for different ages too.


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