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I’m sure it has happened to all of you, you’re at a party talking to someone you know, a new person joins your group and you’re introduced. After exchanging names, trying to catch theirs and (in vain) commit that name to memory whilst simultaneously saying my own name and the words ‘lovely to meet you’. Inevitably, a few moments later, the question – so what do you do ? will be asked. Bearing aside, the fact that I work in different areas and hold a few different job titles, I always wonder why this question is asked and what it really means.

What do you do?

Sometimes it feels as though modern age has reduced ourselves to our careers. To be fair, 3/4 of our lives are spent at them but it also feels a bit sad, there is so much more or at least there should be so much more to a person rather than simply their job.

In my case, I never quite know what answer to give, it feels complicated to explain being in I.T. and fashion simultaneously and even if I resort to just explaining fashion alone, there are so many different pieces to the puzzle that I feel incomplete if I don’t explain them all. Sooner or later, the subject of my blog will come up and then a question I get asked a lot is.

What is your blog about?

Now normally, I never give much thought to this – fashion is the obvious answer. Lately, however, I’ve been feeling a little bit discontented with my blog content. The world of blogging in general, is no longer as fashionably popular as it was a few years ago. I refuse to accept that people no longer read blogs, I think they read the interesting ones but when it comes to looking at blogs for ootd pictures, I think Instagram has limited that to a large degree. As a result, I think over the last year, I’ve spent a lot of time working on my social media channels and less time on my blog posts. I still posted regularly but the content and articles got shorter and felt less meaningful. It’s time for a bit of a new direction. I still want my blog to be about fashion – that ain’t going anywhere but I also want it to be about more than outfit pictures, I want it to be a place where you can uncover tips and ideas, learn about new designers and what’s going on in Malta. I also want it to delve more into travel and lifestyle – travel is a huge passion of mine and I want to continue to give it more prominence.

Let’s Plan

So every blogging tip article I’ve ever read says to use a blogging calendar. I’ve never done it, insisting that it wouldn’t work for me, that many times my blog posts need to be reactive rather than planned. I need a plan – urgently. The truth is, that without plans and reminders, a lot of my time gets wasted fretting and stressing about what I need to do and another portion panicking about what I forgot. It’s not just the blog, there are the magazine shoots I need to organise and schedule, the meetings and events I need to attend and all that jazz. In the past, I’ve tried to commit myself to weekly set plans for instance – on Mondays, I will publish a beauty post. I found that really difficult though. I might not have had anything interesting to review or hadn’t managed to shoot anything but a really crappy selfie and I don’t want to publish bad content. I won’t make such a rigid plan again. I will use a calendar to map out posts though so I can see what’s happening and ensure the sequence of content looks good together,

Some Promises..

My plan is to try and commit to filling the week with a varied selection of posts, beauty reviews, travel posts, outfit posts and yes more styling tips. I know the latter type of posts have really declined and I apologise, I was being selfish and going for the posts that are easier to write. You may have also noticed that I’m trying to hold a facebook giveaway every week. My plan is to try and continue this rhythm. I know some bloggers disagree with giveaways and claim that people who normally don’t follow your blog will simply follow to enter the giveaway. Of course this happens – there are people with second profiles solely dedicated to this purpose. I also know that there are many of you who follow everything, read every post, look at every photo and leave lovely comments and messages. A giveaway is my way of giving something back to these readers. The winners are always randomly chosen unless stated otherwise so I can’t promise that a true follower will win but the laws of probability do state that at least some of the time it will be the case.

In Conclusion

This has been a rather long post but I enjoyed writing it although its 30 minutes past midnight, I have been at it since 7 am and I need to wake up at 6 am – blame it on writing inspiration. It feels good to pour out my thoughts and put them down to pen and paper or in this case keyboard and screen. Let me know what you think of this style of post and what else you wish to see more of or less of on the blog. There’s no point to blogging if there are no readers – so you guys are the whole point of it so your opinions do really count.


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