Bioderma – Some Exciting News

What do you know about Bioderma? Up until a few months ago, I wasn’t insanely familiar with the brand, I was obsessed with their micellar water but that was about it.. When it comes to skincare, I’ve always favoured using brands that feel less ‘glossy’ and commercial over the bid budget brands that seem more cosmetics-style. As you guys know, this year I was appointed as a brand ambassador for Imedeen Oral Skincare, this brand of skin ‘food’ is imported by Vivian Corporation so we got talking. They also import Bioderma which is also a skincare product focused on delivering skincare by working on the deeper layers, so in a sense also from ‘within’ not just topical. I believe in changing skincare brands every few years so when they suggested I jump on the Bioderma waggon and give the products a try, I was happy to oblige. I started using them a couple of months ago although at first not exclusively, I mixed and matched with other brands, depending what I felt like that day – which is actually not a great idea at all – but please don’t shoot me, I’m a moody person.
A few weeks ago, around the beginning of May, I switched to using just Bioderma and my skin is loving it. 
So it might come as no surprise that I have accepted the role of

Brand Ambassador for Bioderma in Malta

The first product I’m going to discuss is one of the most important ones – face sunblock- Photoderm. There’s nothing more important for our skin than sun protection. The sun causes so much damage and can accelerate ageing to such an extent that it’s actually a bit nuts to use skincare and then not use good sun protection. 

This face sunblock offers 50+ protection and specialises in controlling oily skin, something that is often worse by many sunblocks. There are different shades available for different skin tones but I went for the nude colour. The bottle opens just like a regular bottle 0 would have preferred a pump but it was east enough to get out after some vigorous shaking *the instructions recommend to shake very well before using so that the powder particles mix well.

In the pics below you can see the product applied onto my hand straight out of the bottle and the result once blended out into that same hand. The colour blended in completely and even offered a bit of coverage.

I don’t actually have dry skin so initially, I was a bit worried that it might irritate my dry skin but even after wearing it for an entire day, my skin was still fine. I also did not notice any blocked pores after wearing, something which often happens to me when using high SPF products.

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