Staying at The Duke Hotel in Gozo

A dreamy boutique hotel

Last weekend was one of my most enjoyable weekends in a long while – I was invited to the Duke Hotel in Gozo as their first guest, just before it officially opened. The hotel is situated right on top of the Duke shopping Mall in the heart of Victoria, Gozo’s Capital. I had never actually stayed in Victoria overnight; I generally always opted for staying in the villages in the outskirts. In fact, I had completely forgotten just how charming Victoria actually is – all those narrow roads, all those old, wonderfully renovated houses and all the new quaint coffee shops – wonderful.
Onto the boutique hotel (The Duke Hotel) itself. A boutique hotel’s main characteristics are that it is smaller than a traditional large chain-style hotel which means more attention has been spared to the little details. In this case, it translates to a pillow menu, the ability to customise the contents of the mini bar before your arrival, your own hot tub and perfect service. The staff are brilliant and cannot do enough to help you and ensure your comfort.
My suite was massive and with heaps of natural light. A super comfy bed – heavenly mattress with enough space for two people to be able to stretch their legs and lovely soft sheets and quilt. 
The interior styling is top notch with marble being a key feature throughout the room. The bathroom, which you can see below is also large and beautiful with more marble used throughout the room. The wardrobe is actually a small walk-in closet style with lots of space.
Of course, the most exciting part is the view, the view from the terrace adjoining the room, the view from the breakfast area- the Cittadella looms in the background and especially at night (from the hot tub – yes there’s a hot tub on the room terrace ) this is exceptional.

A great bathroom is what seals the deal for me on holidays, this bathtub was simply the stuff of dreams – with that rainforest shower above and those lighted mirrors – superb.

There’s so much

light around

the  whole room

Breakfast is another treat, a fresh and interesting buffet is available along with a la carte orders for cooked items such as eggs and sausages. The buffet was more than enough for me though, I tried nearly everything, including lots of bread, Maltese delicacies such as sundried tomatoes, kunserva, artichokes.

Blue Dress from Cortefiel

All Photos by Kurt Paris

Shot at the Duke Hotel Gozo

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