Reflecting Your Personality in Jewellery

Whilst a lot of our fashion choices are dictated by current trends, whether we realise and acknowledge this or not, I always insist that your choices should reflect your personality. If you’re a colourful person why wear head-to-toe black constantly for instance? It’s not only about the clothes but about the entire outfit, including accessories and even jewellery. I’m quite a colourful, creative person so I tend to gravitate towards statement pieces, colourful items and feminine details.

If you’ve watched any of my cruise vlogs, then you probably noticed the fun jewellery I had on -it’s all from the Pandora Summer collection. Pandora is a brand that really lets you choose jewellery to reflect who you really are. The charm collection has now been extending to include the concept of a locket necklace which can hold little tiny charms and they’ve got super colourful bracelets and matching rings. I’m not generally into sets but these are so much fun. It is summer and sea inspired, so the charms in my locket feature tiny summer-related items.

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