A Day at Pearl Beach

I’m almost embarrassed to admit that last weekend I paid my first visit to Pearl Beach in Sliema – it’s not like all the photos on social media all through last summer escaped my attention but I did spend a lot of time abroad last summer. Well, I made it there finally and it was an awesome, awesome day. The hubby initially wanted to murder me – he’s been travelling a lot lately and he was home in between two trips for literally one day – he’s not a huge beach person, he wanted to stay home and relax – oh well!

So I picked Pearl Beach on a Saturday because every Saturday afternoon there is a special event organised – meaning there’s music, a nice crowd and a generally chilled party atmosphere. The event starts at around 2 pm but we went there earlier at about 11 – I hate taking photos when there are lots of people, plus we wanted to have lunch there too. The place is really really gorgeous, lovely setting with an amazing colour palette of blues, whites and turquoise. There’s also a super cute little shop selling some lovely marine-chic pieces.

After a dip in the pool and some photos, we sat down for lunch – it was quite a hot day so I didn’t want anything too heavy and decided to go for a fish based meal. Before we had even ordered, some warm focaccia garnished with sea salt and rosemary was served – definitely a nice start to any meal. My starter choice was a fish tartare with an avocado cream base – delicious, Kurt went for avocado fish cakes – yummy too but mine was better 😀 Main course was a shared ‘cippullazza’ cooked al cartoccio accompanied by roast potatoes. White wine joined the merriment.

After lunch, the event had kicked off, a great selection of music and plenty more time in the pool. Happy to report that the hubby really enjoyed it too and not only didn;t want to kill me anymore but actually, we ended up staying an hour longer than we originally planned and he wants to go back. YUSS !


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