What To Wear to a Concert

Zucchero in Malta

I actually hardly ever go to concerts, either in Malta or abroad. What ends up happening is that because I tend to be so busy and always have different events, shows and planned trips abroad, I end up hardly having time for just ‘random other stuff’. Or maybe time to plan and think about them, buy tickets etc – that’s really the main issue. So much of my time is spent planning and coordinating everything else that I’m too tired to plan ‘random fun stuff’. Anyway, luckily, I have two VIP tickets to Zucchero next Saturday and I’m super excited. 

Obviously, my main concern is what to wear, what does one wear to a concert, I guess it changes depending on the concert. I wanted to write a blog post about concert outfit ideas but well, then I realised I literally have no clue. I did some research to try and stalk the crowd on youtube Zucchero concerts videos but it didn’t really help. So then I decided the answer is – whatever I feel like. The concert starts at 18:30 which means it will still be pretty warm and sunny, it’s also going to be a hot evening, August evenings in Malta are always hot. My supreme powers of logic decided that my ideal outfit would be something casual but interesting, something that I feel comfy in, nothing tight or restrictive and comfortable shoes. Even if I’m seated, these kinds of events always get tiring and since I’m trying to rehabilitate my back I am trying to limit the hours in high heels. To be honest, though I break this resolution continually – I’m short !! I might change my mind and sway them for a pair of wedges at the last minute. So this is the outfit that I plan to wear – at least, by and large, I do dress according to my mood so there might be slight changs.

So what am I wearing? – Right, so the boyfriend long shorts and top are both from River Island. I normally stay away from this length of shorts because as stated, I’m short – I really am and also because even though my hips are not the thinnest part of my body, I feel hot pants style shorts still suit me much more than these long ones. This ripped pair are a huge exception, it might be the fit, it might be the rips but they really seem to work and not make me look thicker or shorter or chubbier. It was love at first sight. The top balances out the shorts because it’s a wide fit and I love the stripes and motifs pattern.

The shoes are Nike Air, I got mine from Teamsport in Malta, a total throwback to the 90’s and those days of big, big trainers. I added a hat because it was a sunny day and I feel that my trusty Ray Ban aviators are also the perfect shades for a concert. A pair of bright coloured Pandora bracelets fro mthe new colelction completed the look. Haven’t decided about a bag yet – thoughts still in progress.

Outfit Details

Shorts and Top : River Island

Hat : Paris Milinery

Shoes : Nike at Teamsport

Sunglasses : Rayban Aviators

Jewellery : Pandora


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