Female Empowerment with Canestest

This post touches on a subject that is a bit different from the usual fashion/outfit fanfare but if you’ve been reading my last few posts you may have observed a slightly more serious tone. I want to write about things that matter a bit more rather than just about the new shoes. Today’s post touches on a subject that I feel is rarely talked about but so important to female health and self-empowerment.

Do you remember when you first got your period? Were you embarrassed to buy tampons? What about your first pregnancy test? Did you pretend to fiddle with your wallet and avoid looking anyone in the eyes? So how do you feel about visiting a doctor to get tested for thrush? We never really hear about these sort of products, a new mascara and it’s everywhere but a self-test product that can empower us with the ability to self-test and be in control of our health, well, no one seems to talk about this sort of thing. I’m not quite sure why we shy away from talking about such things, sometimes we are even wary of discussing them with our friends. We need to change this, make female health a table topic. So in honour of this movement I’ve decided to collaborate with the distributors of this product and write about this product.

Canestest which is available from pharmacies is a really easy to use product that allows you to check yourself for infections. It’s almost like using a pregnancy test. The product is designed to be a one-time use affair, a swab is included within the box and this can be gently used to determine the result. A guide to help you interpret the results is included in the package complete with diagrams and everything.

I took the plunge and tried it out for myself and the whole process took under 2 minutes, so if you’re even the slightest bit concerned or you think you might need to get checked up, you can start here without any embarrassment or hassle.

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