Summer Loving & The Juggle of Life

Living Two Lives - Juggling Blogging, Styling and Full-Time Job

Recently, it’s happened a few times, I was chatting to someone who was completely taken aback to learn that I do not blog and style full time, that I have another job so to speak. As tends to happen, the questions as to how I manage started. The truth is that life is a juggle, not just for me but for many many people, There’s the career mum who juggles work and taking care of the kids, there’s those that take care of ailing parents, grandchildren and the list goes on.

In my daily job, I’ve recently taken on the new role of a junior product owner at Betsson after many years working within software development. In the other life, well, fashion and styling are my greatest passion followed closely by writing. My interest in social media wasn’t there from the start but in the last few years I got a bit *ahem* obsessed and even took on the role of Media Director for last May’s Malta Fashion Week.

Juggling my lives is not an easy task. Trying to find an appointment slot to get my nails done, routine doctor appointments and the like requires as much planning as going on vacation. When working with clients, the words I dread the most are – shall we meet up and discuss it? There’s also the numerous attempts to get to certain stores in time before they close, finding time to shoot photos whilst the sun is still up and then simply finding time to write/post on social media and shoot videos.

Most people don’t know any of this, my front to the world has always been that of a completely put together life with everything under control. Actually, my recent social media feed presents a person who is constantly on a beach.

Reality – getting dressed for an event in a car, applying makeup in a car, storing diverse pairs of shoes in my car in case of emergencies, subsequent days of no more than 4/5 hours of sleep and constantly feeling like I’ve forgotten something.

Reality….getting dressed in my car, applying makeup in my car …….subsequent days of no more than 4/5 hours of sleep & constantly feeling like I’ve forgotten something.

Sometimes I feel I’m not organised enough, that I’ve wasted time, that I could have been more productive, then I realise it is a Sunday, to most people that means a day of no work not as much work as you can possibly muster.

I’m not complaining – don’t get me wrong, I love what I do to bits, both of my careers – I wouldn’t know how to live without any of them but sometimes, I look at my friends’ insta-stories and feel a bit of a pang, wouldn’t it be nice to be so chilled ?

I chose these pictures to accompany this article for the irony they represent, the pictures represent such a chilled day out on a boat – reality – a day out on a boat turned into a photo session, filming a video for my waterproof makeup trials and the daily social media duties. You’ll learn more about the makeup in an upcoming facebook video but one of the highlighting points of these photos are my new shades from Silhouette – these aviators feature their traditional lightweight frame (which is a godsend in this warm weather) and a beautiful, beautiful sheen.

I also had my hands and feet prettied up by the wonderful Sue Caruana at Niumee and I got a new bikini from Women’Secret. The scarf is also a talking point – it’s by Mary Katrantzou and it is the new summer offer from LABELM, I got mine from Toni&Guy – isn’t it gorgeous?

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Bikini – Women’Secret

Sandals – Havaianas

Scarf – Mary Katrantzou for LABELM

Nails and feet – Sue Caruana at Niumee

Shades – Silhouette at O’hea Opticians


Photos : Kurt Paris

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