The Evasive Time

Have you ever stopped and thought about how much we talk about time? This generation is simply obsessed with time. It’s always about how much time we need, how long is something going to take, we’re running late and we have no time. If there had to be a statistic compiled on the sentences most frequently uttered on a daily basis, there’d have to be at least a half dozen involving time in the top 20. Time has truly become our most precious commodity.

I for one wish I had more time, I feel like I’m constantly in a race to finish my work before the day ends, to get that shot taken before the sun sets, to get to the store before it closes and it goes on. Each day is no different to the next. We define our years by seasons and yet it increasingly feels like one season was shorter than the previous, probably because we’ve crammed up the days so much that we didn’t really find time to absorb it. I’m also always running late which means I’m constantly checking the time. I’ve set my car clock to be 10 mins forward, this calms me down when I’m driving and inevitably late. I know a couple of people who have stopped wearing watches and rely on their mobile but I need my watch, I need to be able to know the time at a moment’s notice so I can judge the situation, my mobile might be in my bad or out of reach, my watch is right on my wrist, always at hand.

Last year, I acquired one of my most prized possessions, a Longines watch. I’m truly in love with it, it’s so beautiful, so elegant, feels so luxurious. It is automatic, meaning there is no battery, the hubby had talked me into getting this model rather than the battery one. Men love the idea of automatic watches, they see watches for the value of the workmanship. I wasn’t too sure at first, actually in all honesty, initially, I complained that it was a silly idea but then I got hooked, I love history and I love tradition and a watch was not originally meant to have a battery was it ? I have tons of cheaper, more ‘fun’ battery watches. This is my special one though along with my vintage ones and I’m glad it’s as history intended.

Longines Watches are available from Diamonds International in Malta.

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