Am I an Imposter ?

Have you ever felt like an impostor? I have, actually scratch that, I do. As a child I was taught about a path life follows, you know the one – study, go to uni, get the degree, get the job. Sounds easy enough and in some cases, it might be. Sometimes though, no amount of qualifications, no amount of experience can make you feel like you belong somewhere, that you have the right to be there. Do I have the right to run this blog? Do I have the right to write about fashion? Do I have the right to my other job? Where do I really belong, is it just a story I’m selling or is it my reality? 

My generation is obsessed with qualifications, with validation and with deserving something. Over my blogging years, I’ve sometimes thought that perhaps that I don’t share enough about my daily1 life but I can’t really figure out why showing you my daily life would be that interesting. What claim to a more interesting life do I have over anyone else? The imposter syndrome is not just for bloggers and in fact I know I feel it in other aspects of my life too – am I good at my job or did I somehow land here and other people deserve it more than me. Maybe that’s why lately it seems as though everyone and their mother is selling online courses – it’s the whole validation aspect, we are the generation that craves it.

But maybe just maybe, we shouldn’t worry about it so much, life doesn’t have to always make sense and maybe sometimes we need to just believe in ourselves and realise that qualifications, courses and what’s not do not make the person, do not make the story.

On a side note whilst being philosophical, I’m also sitting down in my Women’Secret pjs wondering if I should take photos in them whilst also looking for black friday deals.As you can see in the pics I’ve also recently acquired some beautiful Thomas Sabo hearts that have been following me everywhere I go.

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    I think that if you have the capability to do anything and you do it with the passion and love that you dedicate to it, then you certainly deserve to do what you do. Your know-how and style is a true inspiration for all us women who would love to look as great as you do.

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      Thankyou so’ve made me smile 🙂

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