Sustainable Fashion with La Vie

A new store focusing on sustainable fashion has opened its doors in Malta – La Vie. I wrote a long article in PINK magazine which was published last week – I’ve shortened parts but the essence is here below 🙂

Many of us have heard the expression “fast fashion”, an express coined to describe the concept of fashion that is designed and bought to be worn immediately and for a limited period of time. 

How many of us though, have heard about slow fashion? Just like the slow food movement, slow fashion is a term describing an effort to create what we call sustainable fashion. Slow fashion is about producing clothes to stand the test of time, of quality productions that lengthen the life of a piece of garment. It is about using materials that have been made with organic, recycled or vintage materials ensuring that there is no negative impact on the environment.

At La Vie in Malta, sustainable, slow fashion is what they’re all about. La Vie is a popup-boutique found right at the entrance of the Plaza off Bisazza Street. Their mission is to source high-quality sustainable products that tell a story, a story of skilled craftsmen, handmade touches and natural, sustainable fabrics.

An important point to consider, is that the products housed in this boutique are limited in production and have been created with a lot of attention to detail.

One of the brands housed at La Vie is the exquisite Marina Vaptzarova luxury brand. This brand produces some of the most exquisite journals I have ever seen. I’ve always been a stationery fan, I’ve been known to spend hours in specialised paper shops, admiring the quality and lusting after all the products. Journals and notebooks excite me, the emptiness of a new journal holds so much potential, can be used for so many things. These, however, are not only beautiful to look at, they are beautiful in the way they are made and in the stories of artisan traditions that each one tells. Each Marina Vaptzarova journal is one-of-a-kind and handmade. The paper is the traditional Daphne paper from Nepal, a paper that comes from one of the most natural and sustainable plant fibres and has been produced for over a millennium using the methods according to the Himalayan tradition. Another exquisite brand is the Kaligarh jewellery inspired by the Himalaya. The company aims to promote artisans and revive artisan traditions. 

When browsing around the boutique, it was the journals that captured my immediate attention but the range of scarves and wearable blankets by likemary was a very close second. likemary was founded in Portobello market in 2009 by Nicky Taylor-East. they are made from 100% sustainable merino wool which means that although lightweight they provide a lot of warmth and protection against chilly winds and cold weather. The range of knitted accessories that also includes beanies and scarves are also handmade from hand-spun wool by women living in the Himalayas. These women are the sole providers for their families and use this money to keep their families alive. 

If the idea of products made using traditions that are steeped in history, using sustainable materials that don’t continue to harm our environment and that will stand the test of time excites you then take a trip to Sliema and pop by La Vie, you’ll definitely find lots to excite you.

La Vie can be found in The Plaza entrance from Bisazza Street

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