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It’s that time of year again, that time of year when everyone seems to be making new year resolutions to be a better person and live a better life. Of course, most resolutions are broken within the first few weeks of the new year but I think it is still important to make them and document them. Reason being that this makes you aware of what you wish was different in your life.

Ideally, resolutions should be ATTAINABLE e.g. there isn’t much point in me saying I would like to be taller right? Or that I would like to go to work at 11 am every day – 2 things that are not within my power to make happen.

It is also important not to get discouraged when resolutions are broken, part of the process of reaching success is to fail and get back up. The road to success is always paved with failure and obstacles but if something is worth having or a goal is worth reaching, then you will make it happen.



Dress: French Connection at Mexx BayStreet (now a multibrand store)

So… My Resolutions for 2018


I’m aware that this is a current buzz word but I think as a blogger/influencer / some1 who documents part of her life for the public, this is especially important. As others who do what I do would tell you – there is always negativity, photos that no one likes, comments you hear people saying, negative feedback, it’s normal, the important thing is not to spend too much time focusing on them.

Positivity also needs to come from a sense of self-awareness – there will always be things you don’t like about yourself, both in your character and in your appearance, again, it is good to be self-aware but you can’t let yourself get too obsessed with these things you’re not happy about. No one is perfect.

More Time for Me

I spend a large chunk of my time working, the rest I divide between family/friends / other things I have to do. There’s really barely any time in my life to take care of myself and that includes things like visiting the doctor, down time, relaxation time, time for a facial …anything. This needs to change. I need to start making myself a priority before I’m forced to.

More Time with Family

In the same vein as above, my mum constantly tells me I don’t spend enough time with her which means I’m blessed to have parents that wish to see me more. This also means that to cater for this and the previous resolution I’m going to have to spend less time working, this is something I must do but must figure out how to do.

Travel More

This might sound ridiculous but what I mean is, I want to travel to more destinations that fulfil me in different ways. My trip to India made me realise how much I had missed truly experiencing different cultures, different ways of life, just something different. This means I want to focus less on travelling to different fashion weeks (yes hubby, finally I agree) and less weekend breaks to European cities and instead invest time and money on trips to different parts of the world. There are so many places to visit!

Hide Less

Again this sounds ironic but the truth is, some of my friends who I haven’t seen in a while think I’ve left my I.T. career and many of my readers don’t know I ever had, let alone HAVE another career. I think I need to start showing you guys a bit more of what makes me me, show you what I’m like on an average day and what my average day looks like. For a long time, I felt like I had to hide each individual part of my life from the other, that people wouldn’t understand or that they would judge me negatively. That time has gone, I am proud of both my jobs and careers and they deserve to have their prominence in all aspects of my life.

More Quality

This is directly related to my blog. There are posts I created last year that I am very proud of, others I published because I needed to get them out. More planning, less frantic last-minute editing and higher quality is my goal for 2018. If that results in less quantity so be it – you guys deserve the best content and not something I’ve put together in a rush.

Higher Quality Purchases

As I grow older, I want to invest more in higher quality, more sustainable fashion pieces. Less fast fashion (although there will always be a few) that I end up discarding after a season and more investment pieces that I will love for years to come. The hubby will be happy with this one, he thinks we need to move house to house all my ‘rubbish’ as he puts it.

To Be Happier with My Body

I wasn’t sure whether to include this or not, god knows I’ve said it enough times and you must be sick of hearing me say I want to lose a few kilos. But hey I just said the road to success is paved with failure and this is my journey. I’m not fat, by any stretch of imagination, but the truth is I spent 2017 unhappy with my body and constantly moaning to the poor hubby. As he recently told me, either make peace with your shape and size or make an effort to do something about it properly. My first step will be to start the C9 diet not because I am looking for another quick fix but to kickstart after the holidays, then it’s on to a smarter, healthier way to success. I’ll definitely be following some of Tamara Webb’s Instagram recipes for this.

In the words of Bugs Bunny – That’s it folks !!

Once again, I want to truly thank all of you that check into here daily, to read my musings, see my photos and spend time in this little virtual world that I’ve created.

I truly love you all and actually, please, do continue to get in touch, I want to know more about your lives and what makes you guys happy/unhappy, your struggles, your triumphs, let’s join forces and help each other succeed in our new year resolutions

Outfit Details

Dress : French Connection at Mexx Dress:et (now a multibrand store)


Here’s to a GREAT 2018 !!

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