Mont Blanc Opens in Valletta

Did you know that a Mont Blanc mono-alone store just opened in Valletta? The shop is on Merchants’ Street just right next to Luciano Restaurant and the familiar pizza-man statue just outside it. The store is sleek and gorgeous, the design has been kept minimal with fabulous use of space.

I went in there with the intention of simply browsing and nosing around to write this piece but ended up walking out with a little something in hand. It is a great place to buy gifts, especially for men, items start at around 120 euros so if you’re looking for something special it’s a great place to start.

Of course, Mont Blanc are most renowned for their pens and whilst tech has taken over correspondence, there’s nothing like actual writing, especially when done with a fine pen. At Mont Blanc, they offer many different nib types  for fountain pens and one can actually go into the store and try them out. The idea is to find that nib which best suits your hand and translates to the nicest scrawl possible.

If you’re looking for something extra special – this is definitely it! A limited edition pen for the collector.

But Mont Blanc is not just about pens – the leather goods and cufflinks are also a huge part of the brand’s portfolio. As always, the motto ‘sleek and elegant’ is at the forefront of all their designs.

Go Check it out – Happy Shopping !!

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