Valentine’s Diamond Fever

Valentine’s Day gets a bad rep – it’s considered to be you know the epitome of consumerism but yet probably one of the occasions that sells the most chocolate and roses because the truth is that whatever you think of Valentine’s when it all boils down to the actual day, if you’re happy and lovey, you’re going to be tempted to celebrate that love.

I’ve often spoken about my love for jewellery and how I perceive it to be the ultimate gift, something I don’t buy myself but love to receive as a gift. These beautiful pieces are no exception. The elegance without any unnecessary flamboyance yet retaining that special feeling is present in each and every piece. The brand is Annamaria Cammilli (available at Diamonds Intl), a brand inspired by nature focused on luxury for every day not just for special occasions. The brand is about creating living pieces, pieces that can be worn again and again and again.

I’ve already bought my hubby his gift, I wanted to spoil him a bit, to say thanks for his constant support, for his unfailing optimistic nature and his ability to make me smile. You don’t need expensive gifts to show someone you love them, the reality is that a hug and a kiss are the best ways to do that but sometimes it’s nice to treat your loved ones too. Sometimes it’s about making that person you love feel special.

All jewellery available at Diamonds International in Malta

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