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Are We Ok?

I’m not Swedish and have never actually ‘lived’ there but over the past year, I have spent enough time there and interacted with enough Swedes to feel a part of it in some way. By now, most of you must have heard about the attack Friday afternoon. I was talking to Swedes when I heard, […]

Clarins Makeup Haul

Ironically I have never been that familiar with Clarins makeup but last week I got a mega introduction. I was shooting a campaign for a brand and the makeup artist used Clarins, I loved the result but I also fell in love with ultra beautiful packaging and quality of the products.

Spring Moments

Spring is here At this time of year, I start to feel my Winter blues and general lethargy ebb away and instead along comes a renewed sense of energy and purpose. The longer, brighter days seem to stretch with endless possibilities. Clothes also seem to take on a different sense of being, gone are the long, […]