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L’Occitaine Almond Body Love

Almonds and their unique properties in providing nourishing skincare are often overlooked. We think of almonds as something yummy and what we use to fill our figolli and cakes in Malta. Almond oil however, has super, super nourishing properties. At L’Occitaine they have an entire almond range that looks, smells and is great. 

How to Style Statement Necklaces

Statement necklaces are beautiful, stunning monsters, I call them monsters because they literally take over everything and literally everything becomes about them. As much as I love them, I find it so hard to incorporate them into my outfits. In my case, it is even worse because many of the outfits I choose to wear […]

Signature Holiday Ideas

In Malta, there’s the Amitex fair on at the moment, which a huge fair at MCC related to travel and all the different travel opportunities being offered by Maltese travel companies. This year I’m particularly interested because I’ve been trying to get the hubby to commit to a long haul trip with me that’s just a […]

An Afternoon in Paris

Do you get dressed up when you Travel? I didn’t used to, I use to just don a pair of jeans, sweater and hightail it out of the hotel as quickly as can be. Things have changed for a number reasons – 1 social media and my tendency to talk about my life is a large […]