Random Post : Awaiting a Pair of Proskins Leggings

Today is one of those days where I am actually waiting
desperately for my phone to ring.. at some point I should receive a phone call
telling me that my Slim by Proskins
leggings are waiting for me outside.

I have been eagerly awaiting their arrival for a while now,
they were supposed to be in my possession along with a ¾ sleeve top a few weeks
ago but due to a cruel twist of fate, a spectacular international rise in demand,
and my size being one of the most popular..it was difficult to get my hands on

Finally it seems that the brilliant director of the Maltese local distribution Mike Mangion has managed to locate a pair in my size and they are finally
on their way to my legs.

So what’s all the fuss about?

Well first of all as a heads up these products are now finally
available in Malta
‘Proskins Malta’ on Facebook
The marketing blurb:
Proskins is a lycra compression garment which aims to help reduce the appearance
of cellulite and also controls body temperature. The products incorporate an array of
anti-cellulite ingredients, including retinol, caffeine and aloe vera. These
ingredients are packed into millions of micro capsules that are woven into the
yarn.  Clinical and sensorial tests claim
that, when worn for 28 consecutive days for 6-8 hours at a time, Slim
by Proskins offers up to 76% slimming efficacy, 65% efficacy in the reduction
of fat nodes, and can reduce up to two centimetres around the thigh area.
Additionally, of those testing Slim by Proskins, 63% noticed a reduction in
their cellulite, 67% felt their jeans were looser, and 72% felt
a lightness sensation.

“65% efficacy in the reduction of fat nodes”

My blurb:
I’m usually sceptical about these
products and really look down on them ..which to be honest is what I initially
did when I was told about their existence but a friend of mine claimed that they
really worked on her and she’s really not the type to buy into fads so I
investigated and well there are lots of positive reviews and very few negative
and at the very least everyone seems to agree that they soften the skin and
control body temperature.

“a friend of mine claimed that they really worked on her”

My Experience:

Not sure if you understood me from the first part but I have been wearing the ¾ sleeve top for these few weeks (8 hrs a day) and I love it – why? my skin is softer, when I’m bloated ,
the bloating goes down fasted and most importantly my body temperature is generally
stable … I am not constantly freezing anymore. Did I lose weight? I’m pear
shaped ..I don’t have any weight to lose on my upperbody..but I am prone to slight
bloating and this top seems to really help with that.

“I am not constantly freezing anymore”

My legs on the other hand, have fat and cellulite that I have politely asked to leave more than once so
the leggings will have what to work their banishing magic on. So the challenge
is 28 days 6-8 hrs a day …I will keep you updated throughout the 28 days as to my progress..in the
meantime ..ring phone ring….

caroline paris

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