Malta Fashion Week : Day 4 : 2015

It was a full house tonight at the beautiful Chamber of Commerce in Valletta, Malta – incredible turnout and great atmosphere. Three widely different designers showcased tonight – Julia Boikova, Marco Parascandalo and Sai Suman. The highlight of the evening was without a doubt Marco Parascandalo, a designer who has taken local street wear designs to a new level and gained quite a bit of popularity over the last year.

His new collection builds on his previous concepts of street wear using slogans and becomes a bit more intelligent with a range of interesting pieces using different fabrics and employing different cuts and shapes. The silk cotton shirts are beautiful as are the fur/hair ? bombers and tops but the patchwork denim pieces stole my heart.Whilst the collection is both highly wearable and sellable I was pleased to also see some more creative and daring pieces especially in terms of how certain pieces were presented on the catwalk – skandlu boxers anyone ?. It was a pleasure to watch Marco’s show today.

Julia Boikova based her collection on a very interesting pattern that was inspired by a single photo of a rope that she brought from India. The show had a very sporty vibe and I really liked the presentation and styling of the show including the music that accompanied it. The collection was pleasant enough and I like the fact that she used her trademark pattern throughout but presenting it in different manners and combinations. I would have preferred and been interested to see a couple more creative pieces in the lineup, it did feel a bit too safe as a whole collection. I must also mention the ALDO sandals paired with some of the pieces – they’re absolutely brilliant.

Sai Suman is a designer from India who showcased in Malta for the first time, she has been steadily gaining quite a large international following especially in Dubai and India. She presented a range of different couture and evening gowns forming a ‘jungle’ concept collection.

The pieces mainly incorporated Indian Bollywood type silhouettes and detailing, some of the gowns has some lovely intricate detailing. She also presented a few menswear pieces. 

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