Malta Fashion Week: PARASCANDALO

Something I’ve never quite understood is why the average Maltese person does not appreciate local fashion talent. In other art forms, we are very supportive, very patriotic – but fashion, ‘nea’ most Maltese people I bet you have never even entertained the thought of buying something locally designed and the ones that have, it’s probably been a dress to wear to a wedding.

Marco is not a designer that produces any pieces that are in any way connected to weddings but today his show was packed, packed with mainly the younger generation. Many were excited prior to the start of the show and once it finished, they were busy discussing what they were going to buy. I have faith that these new generations will be taught to appreciate local fashion talent. Taught by designers such as Marco that there is an alternative to Zara and ASOS. 
Onto Marco’s new collection and as you’ve probably gathered, it was a very well-received collection. He gets my ten (or is it twelve?) points for presentation – the music, model choices, hair, pace – all was really on point and everything simply synched. Marco has always been a streetwear designer with a difference and nothing’s changed. The same vibe of cooler than cool was there as were the cheeky slogans that he first gained fame through. Whilst at first glance, some pieces might appear to be quite simple and basic, a close inspection tells a different story.  The pieces featured interesting details such as patched pockets, fringing, cutouts and even hand painting. Time and energy was evidently spent into giving each piece an identity. The reigning colour was black and then some more black and yep you guessed it – a bit more black as an extra.
Although both womenswear and menswear was present within the collection, he is predominantly a menswear designer and I feel it is here that his strengths lie. The womenswear is nice and fun but there wasn’t really any one piece that made my heart beat faster or made we want to rip it off the model and wear it there and then. I found the menswear to be more exciting and interesting. Marco is most definitely a crowd pleaser and his product is a highly sellable one, his difficulty as a streetwear designer will be to continue to find new and interesting directions to take. From my end, I’m actually really eager for him to produce a full out winter collection next season, there was a particular male trench coat in this one that tugged on a few heart strings..maybe it can be translated to a size befitting a 5 ft ‘4’ woman ?

Backstage photos below and above by KURT PARIS

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