Outfit Post: Black and White – STRIPED

I know you must be sick of my Paris posts by now but you can’t blame me – how can you not take a million and one photos in that city……I mean actually I could write triple the posts, I have so much content. I’m trying to restrain myself. This outfit post is one of my favourite ever. First of all this ballgown dress was s so much fun. I walked all the way from the Marais District to the Palais Royal in it and well it is a bit long and bin. I got a mixture of reactions – some were looks of utter bewilderment, others were smiles and others were smiles accompanied by ‘tres jolie’.
The Palais Royal had escaped my notice on my first visits to Paris, last year I noticed it creeping up in many Instagram posts and I was intrigued by the black and white columns of different sizes. When this ANNAKIKI dress found its way to me, well ..as the say the rest was history.

Outfit Details
Dress: ANNAKIKI (this dress is now on 50% sale)
Shoes: Nero Giardini via Stivaletti
Necklaces, Rings: Pandora
All Photos by KURT PARIS
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