Girls’ Night Out At Le Bistro

A few weeks ago, I continued my The Entertainer adventures and tried out the Le Bistro at RadissonBlu Hotel St Julians. My partner in crime for the night was none other than Dorianne from We had so much fun drinking and eating the night away, so much so that at midnight we realised everyone around us had left and we were kind of stopping all the wonderful staff from going home.
We started out by taking some sunset pics with the great views, I love the setting of this hotel – such a wonderful seaside setting.

We finally made our way to our table which had a great view and well obviously took some more photos.

I actually hadn’t been aware that there was a mussels night on that night. Apparently, Le Bistro has different themed nights quite regularly. I love seafood so I was quite a happy bunny.

Choosing what to order is always such a painful experience for me. I had actually taken a look at the online menu before I turned up but then the mussels threw me. The restaurant is really great at catering for different needs and has vegetarian, gluten-free and lactose-free dishes.
After ordering our food and wine (very necessary component of any meal) they brought us warm bread with divine garlic butter. If you’re on a diet I suggest you ask them to forfeit this as it was simply too irresistible. 

For starters, I went for the mussels cooked in artisan beer – very tasty and my first time eating mussels cooked in this manner. Dorianne chose the cured ham with figs, buffalo mozzarella and beet juice. My mussels were very yummy, after I finished the actual mussels I simply couldn’t resist grabbing more bread and mopping up some of the juice. Dorianne loved her dish too and said it had quite an original flavour.

For mains, I chose a fresh, grilled grouper and Dorianne went for the seared duck with chickpea and chorizo ragout. The fish was tender and very tasty, it was seasoned in a manner that did not obliterate the taste of the fish which is something that irritates me. Dorianne described her dish as tender, full of flavour and delicious.


Their roast potatoes are as scrumptious as they look. If you’re a roast potato fan like me, you’ll definitely be happy.

I tried hard to say no to desert but I mean – look at it. 
This is a Tartufo which has a layer of 70% dark chocolate topped with 35% white chocolate mousse and covered with chocolate fondant.

This night was one of my summer highlights – the ambience was perfect – the food was delicious and the company stupendous. There’s definitely going to be a girls’ night follow-up.

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