Shopping: Graduation Gifts for Him & Her

Choosing the right graduation gift is a monumental task – this gift is a symbol of both the past and present. When one decides to enter the world of academics, whether as a young child or as an adult, life becomes all about events – exams, holidays, assignment deadlines and at the peak Graduation. Graduation is that final sigh of relief after a long road well travelled. I still remember what it felt like  – sitting down on my chair waiting for my name to be called, hoping I wouldn’t trip in my robe but also looking back on those last years, the friendships earned, the battles fought whilst also thinking about what lay ahead.

No one is prouder than your family at that time – your friends too but your friends might be focusing on their own graduation. Your family, though, especially if your parents are like mine and from a very young age pushed you to do well at school, to try harder, to never give up. So the point is that your family are going to want to buy you a special gift and many times they’re going to want it to as they put it ‘make sense’ – meaning don’t ask for a playstation. I’ve collaborated with Diamonds International to bring you a Mont Blanc gift guide with ideas on gifts. If you’re choosing your own gift this can help you with ideas, if you’re the one shopping for the gift well then read on.

Most of my writing happens on a keyboard yet when I graduated I wanted a super stylish pen. I have never regretted it. I love the feeling of bringing my pen out when I need to take notes or write down my number somewhere. Owning a beautiful pen is like owning a beautiful piece of jewellery. Not essential to life but definitely a must-have. The Mont Blanc name is quite synonymous with pens – they’ve got many different styles and price points, some are of course quite pricey but there are others that are really very affordable. I’m not graduating again anytime soon so I can’t really find a reason to make someone buy me that pink Princess Grace pen…but look at it….come on family aren’t you still super proud ?

The leather goods collection also by Mont Blanc is a great alternative if the person already owns a pen. A nice briefcase, a notebook, a card holder or organiser. These are all wonderful items to take with you on to the new life chapter. The quality of Mont Blanc leather is exquisite and these items should last a lifetime and serve as a reminder of the graduation day and the achievement. I’ve also placed cufflinks into the picture. For some guys, a pair of cufflinks might be more interesting than the other ideas and possibly more essential. Every man must own a nice pair of cufflinks, there’s no debate about that.

All Mont Blanc gifts area available for purchase in Malta at Diamonds International

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