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Men don’t get too much attention on the blog unfortunately – they tend to get largely undermined in the face of the sheer amount of female products there are to talk about. However this year I was introduced to a product line called Percy Nobleman and the hubby was my guinea pig. It takes a bit of convincing to get said hubby to try new products – his skin is quite sensitive so he’s always really wary.
However, he agreed to try out their products for beards and stubble, largely due to my complaining about extra pricking effects. It’s his review you get today – no beards on my face 🙂 Beard grooming products have infiltrated the male grooming market this year largely due of course to the beard trend that doesn’t seem to be growing old anytime soon. Percy Nobleman was started by an English gentleman looking to follow in the Nobleman family footsteps of crafting the finest natural hair, beard and moustache products. Good grooming is at the heart of what they do and their inspiration is the classic British groomed gentleman. I’ve picked this week to write up this post because it occurred to me that these products could make really good Christmas presents for the men in your lives.

Beard Oil: I liked that it was easy to apply and didn’t feel overly sticky or like it was stuck to my face. I also noticed that a little product goes a long way so a bottle should last quite a while. I tried both the unscented and scented versions but the unscented isn’t truly scent free so in my opinion go for the scented and get the whole deal.

Stubble and Face Wash: Nice scent, the face wash cleans the face well and is fine for my sensitive skin, it did not cause any breakouts and I was happy with the feeling of it on my skin.

Stubble and Face Moisturiser: Moisturiser is a bit thick but does a nice job, it would probably be hard to apply if you have more than just a stubble but I rarely grow a full beard so it is a bit hard to tell. Handy size makes both this and the wash ideal to place in a gym bag.

Their latest product to hit the market and something which would make a brilliant Christmas present is their perfume. The scent is musky without being overpowering, I’m a bit of a fusspot with what perfumes the hubby wears, most of them give me a headache but I was more than happy to gift him this after smelling it.

All Photos except last by Kurt Paris for Percy Nobleman Campaign

Products available at Cleland and Souchet, Antonio’s barber shop (Sliema and Fort Fitness), 8 steps barber shop (Mellieha), Bortex Plaza, Remedies Gzira, The men’s room (Qormi) and online with free delivery at twentyfiveoseven.com.mt

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