XMAS Hamper : ’16 DAY 8

And so we continue…. HAMPER 1 – Day 8 of the 2016 Xmas Fashion Hamper Competition.  Last Day of Hamper 1 !! Winner of hamper 1 and promo of Hamper 2 will be announced on Monday.

Scroll down to enter Hamper 1 !!

To be entered into the draw, you must 

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Answer correctly ONE of these questions

  1.  Is it a jumper / a jacket / a shawl ?
  2. Where is the item from? OR
  3. How much does it cost ( choose from approx 80 / 160 / 50 euros)?
  4. What is different about this item from the other hamper entries ?

        Answer by leaving a comment on facebook OR below in the comment box 

        Yesterday’s entry was a t-shirt from local designer Ritienne Zammit worth 35 euros

        All Other Prizes in Hamper 1

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